epoche in the summertime

11 January, 2017 ·

Since spending my summer break in wintery Japan I’ve been feeling in a bit of a muddle seasons-wise and if there’s one thing that aligns me beautifully and perfectly with where we are on the calendar it is a visit to Epoche, one of my favourite spaces in all the world. Keep reading…


winter in japan

8 January, 2017 ·

In the last month of 2016 I granted myself a wish I’ve held onto for years and years, which was to visit Japan in the wintertime. The original wish came about for the silliest of reasons. Someone gave me a Christmas card Keep reading…


creating a welcome

13 November, 2016 ·

Yesterday was our Creating a Welcome summer market and it was a lovely, lovely day. There was plenty else going on besides at the Children’s Festival we were part of and people came from far and wide, Keep reading…