a bit of an update

26 October, 2016 ·

Since I have neglected my website for months, there are quite a few things to offer by way of an update! For example, this is an interview I did recently with the lovely Megan Daley of Children’s Books Daily. She asks the nicest questions. If ever she invites you for an interview, you should definitely say yes.

In other rather exciting news, the Australian edition of the Violet Mackerel books have been rereleased in paperback form and they are absolutely beautiful. They have new cover art and a different feel and I sometimes have to pinch myself to check that I really do get to collaborate with someone like Sarah Davis. If you would like a closer look, you can find them on booktopia here.

paperback violets

The backs of the new covers feature some gorgeous quotes from young readers.


If you would like to read an extremely lovely account of how that all came about, you could have a look here.

And just one more author-type thing. The craft book that I wrote to accompany the Violet Mackerel series, How to make Small Things with Violet Mackerel, is now also out in paperback form and looking lovelier than ever. I think so anyway. It too is available via booktopia, here.