ceres on saturday

1 September, 2010 ·

This Saturday morning (September 4th) my friend Jo and I are going to have a stall at Ceres market selling handmade things to raise money for Orphfund. One of Jo’s daughters’ primary school teachers is over in Uganda building children’s villages. Moya’s reports on what she is seeing and doing there with Orphfund are heart breaking. We will be sending whatever we raise directly to her.

So what will we be selling?

Well, Jo and her family are otherwise known as the needlefelting Von Trapp family, so there will be wonderful felted creatures created by all of them (except her brand new son Percy, but he has inspired Jo to make some baby blankets and things like that, so he is contributing too).

Among other bits and pieces, I’ll be making papoose dolls, which I’ve done for fundraisers before. I love making these – they’re about 4cm long, swaddled in beautiful recycled scraps which I embroider and bead, and their papooses are made of thick felt with my wishes for their owners embroidered onto the backs. Each one is a kind of meditation:

I’m also making something I haven’t tried at a market before, which are tiny decoupaged canvases. My whole flat smells like lacquer – yuck – but these too are very satisfying to make in little sets:

At our last Orphfund stall, Jo’s daughters also did some beautiful facepainting which morphed into hand and foot painting too. I loved this beautiful blossom design they created and if they are willing to do body painting again (and it’s not toooo cold) I will commission some work along these lines:

Lots of other people, young and old, are contributing their creations in support of Moya’s work with Orphund, so do feel free to get in touch if you have something you would like to offer. And of course, feel very free to drop by and see us on Saturday! We’ll be there from about 9.00-12.00 and would LOVE to see you there!


  1. Maureen Anna, Please let me know when you'll be doing this again (or other fundraisers). I have some handmade things just sitting in my basement, purses like the one I sent you long ago (ican't stop making them!). I used to sell them at the hospital and now that is forbidden. Let me know when the next 'show' is I'd love to contribute. Mo
    September 1, 2010 at 5:17 pm ·
  2. anna Maureen, that would be just lovely! I still have that beautiful purse you made me in my favourite colour scheme and it's had many reincarnations. For a long time it was a 'babysitting bag' (full of lego, origami paper, bribes etc), then it became a 'making things bag' when I was making and selling dolls (wool, embroidery stuff). Now it's my Sunday School bag (books, puppets, apples, you name it!) and on more than one occasion I've seen a child unable to resist its quilty squishiness and hug it like a teddybear! Jo and I are planning a little string of these market stalls until Moya gets back, perhaps once a month or more often as it gets warmer. So we could certainly sell your beautiful purses and we'd be really delighted to x
    September 2, 2010 at 7:02 am ·