little painted canvas pouches

26 October, 2016 ·

If, like me, you have an event coming up soon that requires some quick crafting, these little painted canvas pouches might be a handy thing to try out.


I suppose the shopping list is a bit specific.


You need some plain canvas pouches. (I bought mine but I ought to have made them really.)


And these are the Setacolor fabric paints I am currently using non-stop.


Before I started painting I chopped up a plastic bag and tucked the pieces into the pouches so it wouldn’t seep through to the other side.


Then I watered down the colours I wanted to use (and in doing so, I should warn you, have ruined this plate forever. Ho hum).


I wanted the little landscapes I was painting to be sort of ‘contained’, rather than going right to the edge of the pouches. So I painted that contained space with water and then began to fill it with colour. Very watered down by now! But I like how misty it looks.


Once the pouches are painted and completely dry, with Setacolor paints you have to iron them to get the colour to stay. I recommend lots of ventilation. This bit of the process can make you feel quite queasy.


Here they are all finished, but if you look at the photos at the top of the post you’ll see I also did a bit of embroidering because, what can I say? I like to make work for myself…