New dolls

21 March, 2010 ·

This is a doll design I’ve been working on lately that is much more practical time-wise than my older designs (see yesterday’s post if you like). They’re only about 4cm and they take about twenty minutes each (if the heads are already made, that is). 

The bodies are just twisted pipecleaners and the heads are made of fimo rolled into balls with a small hole (just big enough to tweak the ends of the pipe cleaners into). Then I wind wool round and round the bodies to make them a bit softer. Then they’re swaddled in scraps of recycled cloth stitched around them with beads and embroidery or whatever else I feel like adding.  Their papooses (which they come out of) are made of thick recycled felt and their eyes are drawn on just with a fineliner.

Everything I sew has red or silver asterisky stars on because they are fun to do, so for now that includes papooses. But next week who knows?

I have a particular cause in mind to donate these too and I would love to have loads to send off, so hopefully there will be lots of different styles by the time I’m finished.