Old dolls

20 March, 2010 ·

A year or two ago now I discovered that something I really, really love to do is doll-making. I REALLY love it. And I spent hours and hours doing it – often on just the one doll. I made dolls for friends, dolls for charities, dolls for cafes, my dolls were even stocked by a couple of beautiful toyshops. I also sold them at early morning markets, where I first had the idea for my Violet Mackerel stories (Violet’s family sell things they’ve made at an early morning market too).

One day soon I hope I will be able to make this hours-and-hours sort again…

…but just lately I’ve been working on some doll designs that better suit the ‘minutes’ approach to doll-making. More practical really and just as satisfying, but in a different sort of way.

More on this tomorrow!