Lily The Elf- The Sleepover

Lily The Elf: The Sleepover

Yippee! Lily’s cousin Fern is coming over for a sleepover.

Lily has everything ready for Fern’s sleepover: books, games and cheesy acorn pie for dinner. Will Lily’s first sleepover be the best night ever?

Lily The Elf- The Jumble Sale

Lily the Elf: The Jumble Sale

Lily the elf is getting ready for Jumble Sale Day!

All the elves are setting up stalls in their front gardens to sell the things they don’t need any more. But Lily doesn’t want to sell any of her things – they are all too precious. Will Lily be able to part with her special treasures?

Lily the Elf: The Elf Flute

Lily the Elf: The Elf Flute

Lily has received a surprise package in the mail. She now has her very own elf flute! It will be perfect to play at the elf concert. Much more fun than saying a silly old poem. But playing the elf flute might be a bit harder than it looks.

Lily the Elf: The Wishing Seed

Lily the Elf: The Wishing Seed

Something very lucky has happened to Lily. She has caught a dandelion seed and now she gets to make a wish! She knows exactly what to wish for. She would like a beautiful elf princess crown! But do dandelion seed wishes always come true?

Lily the Elf The Midnight Owl

Lily the Elf: The Midnight Owl

Lily is afraid of the midnight owl. His hooting is much too spooky! But everyone else promises he is a friendly old owl really. Will Lily be brave enough to pay him a visit? She might if it means a special midnight adventure with Granny.


Lily the Elf The Precious Ring

Lily the Elf: The Precious Ring

Lily wakes up to find a surprise in the moss garden. A human child has dropped a ring! Filled with water it makes a beautiful sparkling paddling pool for Lily. But what about the human child? How might she be feeling? With Dad and Granny’s help, Lily will have to decide what to do with the treasure she has found.