fingal and gunnamatta beaches

25 February, 2017 ·

This weekend we were back at Cape Schanck and have come home covered in sun and salt and ears echoing with the roar of waves pounding against stone.

It wasn’t too hot given the time of year but we hiked a few hours and the shady parts of the trail were very welcome.

I can never see these beautiful garnet-like saltbush berries without wanting to string them and wear them around my neck. (It would be a terrible idea though. They stain like nothing else.)

The flies are never very interested in me but they are always fascinated by Ashley! I try not to be hurt by this, and instead reflect that he is after all quite a nice person. If I was a fly I would probably buzz around him too.

The amount of pure and beautiful treasure that lies around on beaches has delighted me my whole life long. I always come home with my pockets stuffed and sandy.

The strangeness of these rock formations kind of blew our minds. The more you look into them the more you seem to see.

Do you see Lazarus emerging from the tomb in his grave cloths, or is it just me…